Great Businesses All Start Somewhere!


Step 1 - Develop your idea

All great businesses start somewhere. Have an idea? Start developing it! Examples of businesses that Blue Trident Ventures can help with are as follows:

  • Apps

  • Traditional web businesses (stores, lead gen, etc.)

  • Social media / YouTube / Instagram businesses

  • New products / manufacturing (Indiegogo & Kickstarter)

  • YouTube

If your idea does not fit in one of the categories above, don’t worry! The expertise of our volunteers is wide and deep.

Step 2 - Get Feedback

All ideas gain strength with revisions and feedback. Talk with trusted friends, parents, and teachers. Ask them to ask you some questions about your idea / to dig into your plan. Some questions they might ask (so be ready!):

  • What is your business trying to accomplish?

  • How will your company make money?

  • Will you have competitors? If so, why would customers pick you vs. them?

  • What does your company have to do in order to win?

  • What skill sets / capabilities do you and your company need to be able to deliver on your business plan?

  • What kind of help do you want the most from Blue Trident Ventures? (We offer the entire range of business support and insight thanks to our volunteer base)


Step 3 - APply

Click on the button below to be brought to the application.
(Google Form)

Answer all of the questions.

When you are done, click submit!

Step 4 - Interview

After submitting your application, prepare for your interview. The selection committee will review your application and set up a time with you to discuss your business idea. No formal presentation is required.

The selection process is very competitive; each business will be viewed through a venture capital lens (viability of business, expected returns, likelihood of success, etc.). Acceptance rates are low, but support after acceptance is very high.

If you are not accepted, don’t despair. You may be selected to work on one of Blue Trident Venture’s portfolio businesses while you refine your idea (or come up with a new one).