Company #1 - EV Beast

EV Beast brings consumers and car dealers together.


EV Beast was created to bridge a gap between electric vehicle understanding and reality.

Most consumers do not proactively track the progress made by electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are more reliable, quieter, cheaper to operate, and, often, provide a much higher level of performance than traditional vehicles powerd by an internal cumbustion engines (ICE).

Imagine for a moment the number of individual parts required to build an engine. Over 2,000 parts come together to create a typical petroleum-powered engine. Now think about the electric motor for an electric vehicle. Fewer than 20 individual parts.

Think about how each type of vehicle is powered. ICE vehicles are dependent on pollution-generating fossil fuels. Contrast that to EVs. While some EVs may get their energy from coal-fired power plants - they are still more green than petrol-based engines because the coal-power plant can produce the same amount of energy at a lower pollution rate. Take EVs one step further and one could imagine them being powered by the sun or wind. Solar and other green sources of energy are more widely available than ever before!

Where does EV Beast fit in? Providing the latest education and EV news to consumers + tracking their interest + sharing their interest level with car manufacturers and dealers.

EV Beast provides a very helpful service. Consumers want knowledge. Car dealers want to know who might be interested in the EVs they are selling.

EV Beast is in its content creation / foundational stage. Students working on EV Beast are learning the following:

  • Content creation

  • Digital marketing (Google AdWords, PPC, analytics)

  • Digital remarketing

  • Web design and search engine optimization

  • Lead generation

*EV Beast ( is a Blue Trident Ventures educational portfolio company. Funding for learning experiences comes from Blue Trident Ventures and its supporters.


EV Beast - Bringing electric vehicle purchasers and dealers together.