Strategic Foundation

Every Good Nonprofit Starts With A Strong Foundation.


1. What We Believe.


The world’s youth need opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. The real world of business is an amazing learning environment.

Students are not given enough chances to take risks and experience associated success or failure.

Two of the best lessons students can learn are 1) we all fail at some point, but it is what we do with that failure that counts and 2) hard work + a little luck can lead to great success.

Many students are missing the pain and learnings from failure; many have not experienced the joy that comes from hard work and success.

If adults with relevant experience and sufficient resources do not proactively engage with this world’s youth to guide and help them, no one will.

Business leaders around the world are uniquely qualified to support students in their learning via coaching / mentoring / financing.

Students need mentors who can be great role models; “role models” from mainstream media are insufficient and often teach behaviors that are harmful (self-centeredness, lying, passing blame)

Young entrepreneurs offer inspiration, drive, a fresh perspective to marketing, and an innate understanding of emerging technologies. With the help of experienced entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and mentors, young entrepreneurs can pursue their dreams at a much younger age than traditionally expected, achieve college admissions and career success, and learn the skills and technologies of the future.

“Students are not given enough chances to take risks and experience associated success or failure.”

— Blue Trident Ventures


2. Our Goals & Aspirations.


Create a Nonprofit, Experiential Learning, Student Education Fund that helps students bring their ideas to life by starting real businesses.

Give students the option of building their own business or gaining experience running a company by working in a Blue Trident Ventures portfolio company.

Business mentors provide students with funding, expertise, mentorship, and a future business network.

Be the best nonprofit that connects youth with real-world business experiences.

Grow our reach from one state, to all states, to all nations leveraging university alumni networks.


3. Where We Play.


We have created a spot for Blue Trident Ventures in the nonprofit, venture-philanthropy space.

Returns to investors = learnings gained by students. Students build businesses and learn in the process vs. building business plans to win case competitions.

Blue Trident Ventures is creating a handful of portfolio companies that will 1) provide learning and leadership opportunities for students and 2) may become sources of future funding (cash flow or sale).

Students can also submit a business plan to Blue Trident Ventures and apply for financial and mentoring support of their startup. Support is given with no-strings attached.

Blue Trident Ventures has created a volunteer network of mentors. Many mentors are active members of university alumni groups.

The blue and the trident in Blue Trident Ventures reference the nonprofit’s link to Duke University alumni.

The 3 prongs of the trident represent students, support networks (schools, families, local education-focused nonprofits), and mentors.